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IT Management Accountant

Massey University | Posted 10-12-2020

Wanganui (Administrative)

Job description:

IT Management Accountant, ITS Business &

Financial Services

Position Purpose The Business and Financial Services team within the ITS department

provides oversight for a number of commercial and corporate services
activities, including but not limited to overseeing the operational and
capital budgets, financial reporting, variance reporting, supporting HR
management processes, project and contract administration and co-
ordination, IT asset and software license management, business
processes, charging and reporting of IT services provided to the wider
university, management of information and records specifically related to
the ITS department, provision of governance and general administrative

The IT Management Accountant, ITS Business & Financial Services is
responsible for the effective application of policy and processes
associated with the business and financial activities of the ITS
department. The position will actively engage in ITS and University
processes that support the financial, planning and business operations of
the ITS department.

This position will have a financial and business process focus, ensuring
that business activities are managed and delivered efficiently and
effectively to support the commercial success of the ITS department.

Department: Information Technology Services
Location: Manawatu, Palmerston North

Reports to: Manager, Business and Financial Services
Responsible for: None
Delegations: Band D
Job Title: ICT – Management Accountant

Key relationships: Internal
ITS staff, Finance, business and administration staff in University


Vendors, sector peers

Context: We are a world-leading university in many academic disciplines and fields
of research. Our point of difference is research that is connected to
Massey University community and industry. Our researchers are developing expertise and
skills to advance human knowledge and understanding. Working together
across disciplines and locations, we solve national and global problems
through fundamental, applied and interdisciplinary research, while
culturally and artistically enriching our world.


We are deeply committed to being a Tiriti-led university, demonstrating

authentic leadership in contemporary Aotearoa New Zealand as we

uphold Te Tiriti o Waitangi, the founding document of our nation, and its

principles through our practice. We embrace this not just as an obligation

but as a real opportunity for the nation and its people.

Our educators are preparing a new generation of global leaders. Our

students are diverse and are attracted to Massey because they want to

achieve their personal goals or make their mark in the world. They

experience world-class learning that recognises their intellectual and

cultural strengths, expands their horizons and prepares them to

contribute to a rapidly transforming world with skills, critical and creative

thinking and leadership.

We will be renowned for our passion and caring attitude. All Massey

campuses will be innovation ecosystems, acting as magnets for smart

enterprises. Wherever we are, we will operate in partnerships founded on

respect, trust and mutual benefit. Massey is not only defined by what we

do, but by how we do it.

About Information Key to the success of the University, Information Technology Services is

Technology Services responsible for the provision, maintenance and support of information and
communication technology at Massey University.

Massey core capabilities

At Massey we are Tiriti-led, upholding Te Tiriti o Waitangi principles through our practice, We:

  • Demonstrate awareness Of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and its contribution to Aotearoa New Zealand


  • Understand the relevance of Te Tiriti o Waitangi in relation to the work of the University and

the people we serve.

  • Embracing Te Reo in relevant and practical ways in our work place interactions and

engagement with external stakeholders, giving expression to Tikanga Mäori and protocols

that demonstrates that we respect and value Maori conventions in appropriate settings.

At Massey we work together with mutual respect and caring. We:

  • Act with integrity and trustworthiness and give credit to others for the work they do.
  • Work cooperatively and inter-dependently to foster and promote the One University approach
  • Share knowledge and communicate professionally with courtesy and mutual respect.
  • Are ethical in all transactions, working within the parameters of our policies and procedures.
  • Are direct, truthful and maintain confidentiality.
  • Seek to understand and appreciate our differences.
  • Are ethical in all transactions, working within the parameters of our policies and procedures.
  • Are direct, truthful and maintain confidentiality.
  • Seek to understand and appreciate our differences
  • Keep ourselves and others safe; work together to embrace with the University's health, safety

and wellbeing policies, procedures and programmes; display commitment by actively

supporting all safety and wellbeing initiatives: and by actively engaging in health and safety

improvement opportunities.


At Massey we are future-focused, results- oriented and strive for excellence. We:

  • Take ownership and responsibility for delivering results to support achievement of
  • University objectives.
  • Provide the best quality services to our customers (internal and external) ensuring our

students/ stakeholders are at the heart of everything we do.

  • Deliver or support world-class research, teaching and learning and citizenship.
  • Take personal responsibility for our performance, take pride in doing our job well, and commit

to ongoing personal and professional development

  • Are motivated and create a positive working environment where our values are reinforced.
  • Anticipate and respond with agility and resilience to the changing needs of the University and

the communities we serve.

  • Seek ways to improve our services to deliver in an efficient and effective way.
  • Embrace technology and apply this innovatively to better meet the needs of those we serve.
  • Challenge ourselves to reach our potential and help bring out the best in others.
  • Understand how what we do contributes to the objectives of the University.


Accountability 1 Financial Processes

  • Design, develop, implement and maintain departmental financial
processes and analyses in accordance with ITS and University
policies, procedures and deadlines
  • Manage and lead the preparation and analysis of information to
support the development and management of operational and capital
budgets and forecasts.
  • Oversee the delivery of budgeting and forecasting processes,
including reporting and analysis, to support the successful financial
planning and management function of the ITS department.
  • Lead recurrent processes, including but not limited to, monthly and
annual financial procedures, ledger reconciliations, accruals and
adjustments and cost apportionment processing.
  • Prepare templates and schedules to assure the accurate and timely
end to end financial processing of capital projects and asset

Accountability 2 Reporting and Analysis

  • Develop processes and analyses that support the management and
monitoring of financial and commercial activities of the ITS
  • Deliver relevant and timely reporting to support the management and
monitoring or operational and capital budgets.
  • Manage benchmarking activities, including leading the collation and
preparation of benchmarking data.
  • Prepare reports and analyses to support the monitoring and
management of IT assets.
  • Prepare and provide ad hoc analysis of financial and non-financial
information relating to the services and activities of the ITS


Accountability 3 Business processes

  • Manage the delivery of business processes in support of ITS staff and
management, including, but not limited to, departmental processes
associated with the procurement and delivery of products and
services for ITS staff
  • Ensure services for new staff and existing ITS staff, such as IT
equipment and access to systems and facilities, are provisioned in a
timely manner and are appropriately reconciled and managed.
  • Ensure that processes are delivered efficiently and effectively and
adhere to relevant policies and procedures
  • Continually identify and implement process improvement
opportunities, ensuring the processes are relevant, accessible,
effective and efficient.

Accountability 4 IT Financial Management

  • Develop and maintain cost models to improve understanding on the
cost of providing IT services to the University
  • Provide consultancy services for the financial and commercial aspects
of business case development.
  • Develop analyses to demonstrate the financial sustainability of IT
services and resources.
  • Provide analyses of service charge-back, ensuring that charge-back
rates and processes are appropriate, efficient and effective.

Accountability 4 IT Asset Management

  • Develop and maintain systems, processes and analyses that support
the efficient and effective management of IT assets
  • Ensure IT Asset processes and information support the reconciliation
between IT Assets and the University’s financial asset register
  • Develop and maintain systems, processes and analyses that
demonstrate the performance and compliance of licenses and
agreements that underpin IT Assets, including Software Assets.
  • Prepare and provide analyses that demonstrates IT Asset utilisation

Qualifications and Experience

Qualifications: A minimum of an accounting or business graduate degree is required

A high level of computer/ICT literacy is required

Experience: At least 5 years financial management experience within a large
organisation, and demonstration of proficiency in:

  • Financial or management accounting procedures and practises
  • Business process and financial analysis acumen
  • Spreadsheet modelling and data analysis



Communication • Has exceptional written and oral communication skills so as to
produce clear, concise and complete communication for stakeholders

Essential • Is able to collect all necessary information prior to communications in
order to make exchanges brief and to-the-point

  • Recognises which communications need to be formalised to provide
clarity, including when escalation is required
  • Confirms understanding by restating others’ positions
  • Adapts listening and facilitation styles to others’ communication styles
  • Is able to follow up in a timely manner

Interpersonal • Works with key stakeholders internally and externally
Relationships • Understands the need for long-term engagement and how that

translates to stakeholder engagement

  • Has strong stakeholder engagement skills that show positive and Essential
concise communication with appropriate urgency
  • Applies confidentiality when required

Personality Attributes • Has exceptional attention to detail

  • Is able to prioritise work while catering to a multitude of simultaneous

Essential requests; has the methodologies to function in such a demanding


  • Is able to endure change and ambiguity, with a high frustration
  • Enjoys repetitive work patterns and processes but has the vision and
willingness to be flexible and adjust when required.

Results Orientation • Maintains focus on critical work standards and expectations

  • Is able to track and complete agreed work in planned timeframes
  • Takes responsibility for escalating issues that impact on planned work Essential
and outcomes
  • Helps others drive tasks to completion as appropriate
  • Is able to make independent decisions based on solid facts

Technology and • Good understanding of financial and accounts systems and
Processes processes

  • Good understanding of service request systems and processes
Essential • Skilled in the use of Microsoft Office 365 applications
  • Advanced capabilities with financial

Teamwork • Understands own role and responsibility within team and actively
contributes to meet the priorities of the role and the wider team.

  • Demonstrates open, friendly, accepting and supportive behaviours
Essential with team members
  • Shares information, knowledge and experiences openly and


Service Excellence • Provides a quality of service that stakeholders describe as excellent

  • Is service-focussed and enjoys interacting with customers and

Desirable • Understands how one’s role interacts with a range of

processes/projects across the University

Document • Checks documents thoroughly according to standard processes and
Management procedures

  • Creates, stores, retrieves and archives documents and information
  • Uses software tools and technologies for document management

Pre-employment checks

Pre-employment • Requirement to pass a Criminal and Traffic Convictions (Security)
checks: Check performed by the Ministry of Justice.

  • Requirement to pass a Credit History Check performed by Veda
Requirement Advantage Personal Information Services Requirement to pass a No

Asset Procedure.